Digital versus analog: this is the eternal question of photography.

Which one do you prefer for your outdoor photoshoots? A digital camera is the best option for those who want to save a bit on the day-to-day costs of photography.

Of course, an analog camera has its advantages, and so does a digital camera. You don’t need to buy endless stocks of films, you don’t need a dark room with all that equipment and time you would otherwise be dedicating to those films, and you can see the result right away.

With an analog camera, you have to take precise and perfect shots whereas a digital one gives you all the room you want for all kinds of photo experiments.

You can take hundreds of photos at a time, and only then decide which one you or your clients like. Moreover, you can see how the photo turned out the moment you take it, and then you decide whether it’s good or you should redo the take.

Only half a century ago, it was a photographer’s dream to have so much freedom to improve their creative work like this, on the go.

But today, we do have this wonderful option. So why not use it? I hope you made the right choice here. And if you have, go to our online store and pick the best camera out there and start taking the greatest shots ever.

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