Both our physical desktops and the ones on our computers get meddy too easily. And sometimes we just can’t bring ourselves to organize them often enough

However, studies have repeatedly shown how important it is to organize our desktops for our own mental health.

Every hour, if not more often, we spend a great deal of mental energy trying to find what is right in front of us. It’s just hard to find due to poor organization.

When we clean up and organize, we know perfectly well where everything is stored and don’t exhaust ourselves with the unnecessary search.

Moreover, looking for something in the mess of a computer desktop is even more exhausting than it is on a physical desk. See, our eyes are used to staring at the same video, slowly sliding through one single document or scrolling through an organized news feed. What we’re not yet trained for is frantically looking for a file that we don’t even know in which corner of the screen we should be looking for.

This leads to additional exhaustion of our eyes, and we’re getting enough of it during the day by simply doing our jobs.

So if you’re in front of your desktop right now wondering whether you should spend those 5 minutes organizing it or it’s just a waste of time, go ahead and start “cleaning”. It will save much more than 5 minutes worth of your mental and, as it turns out, your physical health.

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