When we talk about user experience, it’s mostly about websites and various apps. But what we should pay way more attention to are the devices we use every day of our lives.

Many of these devices are what shapes a user’s life.

Don Norman, a great advocate for user-centric design, talks about user experience in his world-famous book “The Design of Everyday Things”. He starts off with doors. There are dozens of doors we open and close every day, and it’s so simple, it shouldn’t require any written instructions for us to operate one. And yet, we have all these “push” and “pull” signs on our doors when a well-designed handle would be enough for us to know how to use them.

The same works for any other device. We shouldn’t be needing an L and an R on our earbuds to know how to put them on. Questions like this could be answered through simplified design.

That’s exactly how we improve the user experience of any device: through simplified design, a design that guides a user through the journey of using our product.

When you hold a smartphone in your hand, you don’t need a user manual to make a phone call with it, do you?

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