Since electricity was invented, new devices started to arrive in our homes and become a normal part of our households every decade, if not more frequently.

Today, getting a new device every year isn’t even near enough. A smartphone, a laptop, a TV set, a game console, a smartwatch, a pair of headphones for home, earbuds for jogging, and AirPods for work, and a couple of other must-have accessories — those are just some of the personal devices that most of us own. Not to mention the dozens of home appliances that we no longer notice. Which ones of these do we really need?

The answer is, all of them. You might argue here. And here are two of the biggest arguments:

1. People used to live without all of this stuff just a century ago, and they survived, so why can’t we?

Well, they did survive. But do you want the life they had? It was the life where at least one person in the household had to stay home full time to keep the rest going.

Plus, life was moving forward much slower than it does now. I have nothing against this kind of slow lifestyle: it’s what I’d prefer for myself. But let’s admit it; most of us can’t afford life in slow-mo. We’d rather afford the devices that keep us going.

The second argument is:

2. These devices are too expensive.

Well, of course, we need to prioritize them and by the most important ones first. What’s important for our health, work, and maintaining healthy relationships comes first.

But then, let’s remember how much time and resources we save with all these devices. These are investments we simply deserve. So let’s not deprive ourselves of the luxury of feeling like a modern person.

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